To enable participants leverage advance Excel and GAS (Generalized Audit Software) tool (IDEA) functionalities for assurance analytics (i.e., data analytics from an audit perspective), reporting, interpreting results and decision making. Hands on exercises in Excel 2010 / 2013 and IDEA data analysis software using learn by doing approach on real world (realistic) data files interspersed with brief lectures and brain storming
1 - Module 1 - Data Import – Getting Data into Excel
2 - Module 2 - Multi - Dimensional Analysis of data & reporting
3 - Module 3 - Sampling & Case Studies
4 - Module 4 - Data Mining
5 - Module 5 - Benford’s law
6 - Module 6 – Relative Size Factor (RSF)
7 - Module 7 – Introduction to Generalized Audit Software (GAS IDEA)
No upcoming professional training batches for this course.
  • Course Classes duration is Seven days with a prerequisite to undergo E-Learning of 17 hours and 30 minutes. (One can learn, sitting at Home/Office).
  • 2 Module tests. One for E Learning on First day of class and one on 7th day. (20 Marks each)
  • Every Participant will have to submit of one Research paper (min. 10 pages) with PPT, two forensic audit reports within two weeks after completion of the Course (60 Marks).
  • A final assessment test of 100 Marks which will be held on quarterly basis in March, June, September and December.
  • The fees for the course is Rs.16520/- (14000+ 18%GST) per participant and registration is allowed only through online mode.
  • 15 CPE Hours shall be granted to all the participants those who have attain 90% of attendance in the Classes. Remaining 5 CPE Hours shall be given after successful passing the Assessment Test.
  • 40 Marks for two Module Tests + 40 Marks for two Forensic Audit Report + 20 Marks for Research Paper & PPT (TOTAL- 100 Marks).
  • Candidates have to secure 50% marks in their Module Test and Project Work (i.e. 50 Marks in total out of 100) to get eligible for appearing in the Assessment Test. Hence passing of the Module Tests and the Project Work is the precondition for appearing in the FAFD Assessment Test.
  • 100 marks for FAFD Assessment Test.
  • The minimum marks required for passing FAFD Assessment Test is 50% i.e. 50 marks out of 100.
  • The Minimum Attendance Criteria is 90%.
  • In case the candidate is securing marks less than 50% in Project Work and Module Test (together) due to which he / she is not able to get eligible to appear for FAFD Assessment Test then the Candidate may be allowed to re-submit the Project only (i.e. two Forensic Audit Report + Research Paper & PPT) with the re-submission fee (Fee shall be announced soon). The Topic may be same or a new Topic can be requested by the Candidate.
  • Fundamentals of Forensic Accounting.
  • Frauds related concepts.
  • Forensic Audit Interview.
  • Live Case Studies on Banking Frauds.
  • Red Flags- Concepts and Techniques.
  • Live Case Study on Financial Statement Analysis.
  • International Laws
  • IT Act vis-à-vis Business Laws
  • Indian Laws
  • Precursor Course on MS Excel.
  • Course Introduction, Business Fraud, scenario, and fraudster profile.
  • Discussion on types of red flags, types of fraud situations..
  • Methods of investigations – CAATs.
  • Case Studies on Frauds, Use of Benford Law, RSF, Luhn's Algo.
  • Mathematical Quantification Using CAATs - Benford's Law.
  • Red and Green Flags, Case Studies Types of Frauds
  • Mathematical Quantification Using CAATs – RSF, Case Studies
  • Financial fraud, interviewing and field investigations.
  • Digital Forensics and Cyber law.
  • Introduction to Data Extraction, Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime, Ethical Hacking, Digital Incident Response.
  • Indian Laws.
  • Introduction to Cyber Crime & International Guidance to Cyber Forensics Laws.
  • Internal Financial Controls ( IFC ) as per Companies Act 2013 ( Sec 143 , 134 , 5A ), Auditing Standards, Fraud under the Companies Act.

Seven full days with a prerequisite to undergo E-Learning of 17 hours and 30 minutes minimum. (One can learn sitting at Home/Office)

Total 20: 15 CPE Hours shall be granted to all the participants those who have attain 90% of attendance in the Classes. Remaining 5 CPE Hours shall be given after successful passing the Assessment Test

16520/- (14000 + 18% GST) per delegate payable Online.E-learning is included in the FAFD Fees, there is no need to pay Rs. 590/- separately.

Please make the payment and register to the course by providing payment and contact details at the following link:

Click Here to Register

Available at You may also call the Office Contact No: (0120) 3045963

  • : Apply for registration with course fees. If you are already completed ISA PT classes and want to join PT classes again,you have to pay fee separately.
  • : Complete 80 hours of ISA PT classes generally scheduled for five weekends (Saturday and Sunday) covering 10 days training. Minimum attendance required to successfully complete ISA PT is 90% (9 Days out of 10).
  • : Before appearing in the ISA Eligibility Test the member has to secure at least 60% marks in the Class Module Test and the Project Report.
  • : Candidates who successfully complete their ISA Professional Training and clears the Module Test and Project Work with 60% marks can appear for ISA Eligibility Test (ET) currently organized on a half yearly basis in May and November with a qualifying requirement of 60% separately.(Applicable on batches started from February,2017 and onwards).
  • : After qualifying ISA ET, one has to appear for ISA AT. Currently it is organized on a half-yearly basis generally 3rdweek of the month of June & December with a qualifying requirement of 60% marks flat.
  • : Candidates who have successfully started their ISA Professional Training after 1st April, 2016 are eligible for 25 CPE credit for successful completion of classes and 5 CPE for qualifying ISA Assessment Test (AT).

The first step in ISA Post Qualification Course is Professional Training (PT) of 80 hours which is generally organized on five weekends (Sat/ Sun). Details of forthcoming ISA PT Batches are available on the aforementioned Committee Portal on the following URL:

There are certain pre-requisites for attending the classes-
  • Members have to bring their own laptop during the class and laptop must have Windows 7/8 Professional or Enterprise edition OS, MS office 2010/2013 and Tally 9.
  • The Member has to complete the ISA Course 2.0 E-Learning before attending the classes. E-Learning is hosted on the PQC Portal member’s login. (Mandatory to complete E-learning).
  • Member has to take E-learning Self-Assessment test before attending the classes and qualify the ISA E-Learning Exam with minimum (50%) . ISA E-Learning test is also hosted on the PQC Portal member’s login.

Kindly note that you will be able to attend any batch provided you have undergone E-Learning and also appeared for E-Learning Self-Assessment test.

There will be three class test during the ISA PT normally on 2nd, 8th & 10th Day (20 marks each test).Please note that as per the present guidelines there is no provision for re-test, therefore you are requested to ensure to be present for all the module test during your professional training classes.

You are requested to kindly contact your Regional/ Branch Office for joining the forthcoming batch, such that it is organized at the earliest and you can complete the course at an early date. We may incidentally mention that the ISA PT batch is organized by the Regional/ Branch offices on formation of a break even batch size of 30.

Please do let us know if you require further assistance/ support/ clarifications by e-mail to or by phone at 0120 3045 992.

The course curriculum for the ISA course is divided into eight modules as under:

  • Primer on Information Technology IS Infrastructure & Emerging Technologies
  • Information Systems Assurance Services
  • Governance & Management of Enterprise Information Technology, Risk Management and Compliance Reviews
  • Protection of Information Systems Infrastructure and Information Assets
  • Systems Development: Acquisition, Maintenance and Implementation
  • Business Applications Software Audit
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Professional Opportunities in Information Technology
MT/PW Weightage Max.Marks
Class Tests + Project Work 48 80
Eligibility criteria to appear on ISA ET is to get 60% in aggregate i.e. 48 Marks
Eligibility Test 72 120
Passing criteria is 60% in aggregate i.e. 72 Marks